Why You Should Stay At Sangkiok Siam Hotel

If you are in Bangkok and you are looking for a hotel that will give you both, economical budget and luxury of life, you can easily chose to go to Siam Hotel. I tried it and I was completely amazed to see the level of comfort and joy you get there.

The uniqueness beauty of the hotel is one of the main reasons why you should stay at Bangkok Siam Hotel. The building of the hotel is black and white with good quality leather and stones on it.

The stones are of marble and give an enchanting effect to the viewers. The guest rooms of the hotel contain antiques from Krissada Sukosol Clapp’s private collection. The beauty of the hotel can’t be described in words.

The hotel has a beautiful lush green garden that contains a variety of flowers. The flower’s fragrance has spread all around. When you’ll visit the hotel you’ll discover amazing things in every corner of the hotel.


There’re eye-catching and breathtaking Buddha statues of the 16th century.  The shapes of the statues are of curvilinear the geometrics, foliage and detailed tiling. The statues have made from unique different substances.

Media Room

There’s a full arrangement of enjoyment and recreation inside the hotel. The hotel management has arranged a vintage film projector in the media room. The guests enjoy watching a different kind of movies here. This is the source of immense pleasure for them.

4 restaurants and spa

One of the top reasons why you should stay at Bangkok Siam hotel is the number of restaurants in it. This hotel has nearly 4 restaurants in it. These restaurants follow the cultural recipes and the recipes of big chefs of Bangkok so the guest experiences the mouth-tempering food here.

There’s a big spa inside the hotel where all the beauty services are available. The guests enjoy the message here.

This hotel is of significant importance because it provides all the business class facilities to the guests. It has an infinity riverside pool where the youngsters love to go swimming.

The hotel has arranged all things for your health and fitness as well. So if you’re here for a long time then surely you’ll not miss your gym too. There’s a gym inside the hotel with a proper training centre that guides you about fitness exercises.

The hotel has been visited by Thailand’s royal family and this is one of the top reasons why you should stay at Bangkok Siam Hotel.

The location of the hotel is superb and it locates in the main areas. A very beautiful living museum has built inside the hotel which contains an amazing collection of arts and antiques. This art collection gives the representation of Siamese life.

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