Wedding is the most important event of a person’s life. This is the day when the couple officially starts their new journey. Everyone has some dreams and wishes to make this event of one of its kind. The Balcony Ballroom wedding venue is one of the stunning and ideal venues that care of your dreams. They put their heart and soul to make your wedding of your dreams.

The question raised in your minds that why you should choose this wedding venue. The answer to this question is given by visitors and couples in the form of their reviews and feedback. Their reviews show that they had a great experience and their experience with at the Balcony wedding venue was more than wonderful. The most appreciated segments of the Balcony according to the guests are discussed here.

Well-mannered and professional staff:

The Staff of the Balcony from top to bottom is well-mannered, well-trained, and professional. They are perfect in public dealing. They made everyone feel amazing and VIP. The excellent mutual coordination of the staff members makes your event successful as everything happen according to the plan in a smooth way.

Awesome wedding planning team:

The couples highly appreciated and are overwhelmed with the role of wedding planner team. According to them, they have an awesome wedding planning team. The team has full command over their work. They listen carefully what a couple wants and work on it with full devotion. They never mind your unlimited questions. They satisfied you not with words but with their excellent work.

Delicious food:

The most important segment of a wedding is the food. The food they serve is delicious and incredible. If you are thinking to take the services of outside caters you are going to make a mistake. All the clients are more than happy with their catering services and high-quality food. The food is prepared by the top chefs. Caters serve the food in a perfect manner to each and every guest in a proper way and in time. They are master of their work. They keep an eye on all the guests and serve them food whenever they needed. The guests do not need to wait even for a minute.

Problem solvers:

If you have the habit to forget things and to make arrangements or remember forgotten things at the eleventh hour then don’t worry.

The couples shared their experiences and give credit to the management and staff of Balcony to solve the problems at eleventh hour. They make the changes and do the additions on your call at the last hour with a smile on their face. They ensure that you can enjoy your wedding fullest without taking any stress. They take care of each and everything by taking the whole responsibility on their shoulders.


The guests are happy and overwhelmed by the services of the Balcony wedding venue. They rate their quality services with 4.8 and gave 4.9 for their professionalism. Their average response time is rated with 4.9, and value with 4.8. On the bases of reviews, this award-winning venue got the 5 stars.

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