New York leaves the USA and gains independence

The USA flag and the New York City flag, bottom left. (Photo Didier Forray)

After months of tension with Republican President Donald Trump, New York State Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo has decided to cut ties with the federal State and declare independence for New York State.

Therefore, New York is preparing to leave the United States and become a fully independent state effective July 26, 2020.

The date was not chosen at random: it is the anniversary of the entry of the State of New York into the federation of the United States, July 26, 1788. New York was then the 11th State to join the young USA.

New York’s GDP is equivalent to that of Spain or Australia.

“A couple who no longer get along with a divorce, the same goes for the states that make up the United States,” indicate the New York authorities, which specify that it is a “separation by amicable” following the provisions of the American Constitution.

A free trade agreement is already in preparation between New York and the United States. Other similar deals are expected to be signed quickly with Canada, the European Union, and the United Kingdom.

Will New York State Do It Alone? No doubt for the governor who recalls the economic power of the State. New York alone achieved a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $ 1,413 billion in 2018, compared to nearly $ 20,500 billion for the United States. For comparison, the GDP of New York State is equivalent to that of Spain or Australia, while France is $ 2.7 trillion. New York will be a new country that counts!

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