French bee postpones the opening of its Paris-New York line

Like Corsair, the French airline French bee was preparing for its arrival on the Paris-New York axis. The group company Dubreuil, also the parent company of Air Caribbean, was to inaugurate its first flight between Paris-Orly and Newark on June 10, 2020.

Tour like Corsair, The coronavirus crisis in New York, and the closing of the American border until further notice thwarts plans and prevent this launch.

When does the French Bee open?

  • Unlike Corsair, which announced the postponement of its new Paris-New York line until next spring, French Bee is more optimistic. The company plans to open the queue from July 12, 2020.
  • However, this date remains very hypothetical since it is subject to the opening of the American border and European borders. The latest statements from French President Emmanuel Macron and members of the French government suggest that nothing will be possible this summer towards the United States. See the article on traveling to the USA this summer.

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What to do if you have a plane ticket on the French Bee?

Here are the instructions communicated by the airline company if you bought your plane ticket before April 20, 2020, for a trip before September 06, 2020:

  • French Bee gives you until June 30, 2020, to postpone your departure date at no additional cost, “subject to availability of the same travel cabin.” Your new flight must start before November 30, 2020, inclusive. “For travel from December 1, 2020, a fare adjustment may apply,” said the company.
  • French Bee adds that “BASIC, SMART, and PREMIUM tickets can be modified without modification costs, with fare readjustment according to purchase and or travel dates.” You will have to pay a possible fare difference if the fare for the new chosen flight is higher.
  • Finally, if you have booked your tickets at a travel agency or with a tour operator, French Bee asks you to contact them directly.

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