Air France withdraws all Airbus A380s, including to New York

Closure for the Airbus A380 at Air France. In August 2019, the airline announced its decision to remove the 10 A380s from its fleet by 2022. The coronavirus crisis is now accelerating the movement: Air France announced that none of its nine remaining A380s would resume service.

Air France, like other airlines in the world, criticizes the A380 for being too fuel-hungry and not profitable enough. This withdrawal “is part of the Air France-KLM group’s fleet simplification strategy aimed at making the fleet more competitive, by continuing its transformation with more efficient and modern aircraft with an environmental footprint,” justifies Air France. The company recognizes that the Covid-19 crisis was the final blow.

The A380 consumes 20 to 25% more fuel.

The A380 and its four reactors consume 20 to 25% more fuel per seat and emit more CO² than new generation long-haul aircraft, in particular, the A350 and A321LR at Airbus and are waiting for your comments below!

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