5 Top Rated Furnished Apartments In New York

It can be really hard to find furnished apartments in New York. Especially if you are not yet very familiar with the city or if you want to rent the apartment for less than a year. New York Habitat currently has over 1,500 furnished apartments on offer, so you may need some help to get an overview. Simply send an inquiry to one of our brokers. They will be happy to help you even if you already know your perfect location, size of the apartment and the available budget.

To give you a few ideas, we’ve put together some of the top-rated New York apartments here (the apartments can be rented from one month to one year). Read on to find out what our customers liked best during their time in New York. Below you will find self-written reviews of our customers as well as the key data and special features of our most popular apartments in New York.

2 Bedroom Furnished Apartments In New York Upper West Side

An idyllic and cozy 2-room apartment can be an ideal way to start finding your way around New York. Especially when the apartment is directly opposite the beloved Central Park. This furnished apartment on the Upper West Side exudes a lot of charm. It is classically beautifully decorated and impresses with beautiful hardwood floors. The furnishing of the apartment will not only entertain you but also inspire you. There are large bookshelves in the bedroom, a flat-screen TV with a Roku entertainment system and a grandiose grand piano with a wooden finish.

The apartment is also very functional since it is equipped with a kitchen with a cupboard and a gas stove. Enjoy the beautiful view from the kitchen window during breakfast or during dinner. The elevator of the house also makes the apartment accessible to people who suffer from physical impairments. A house manager and an in-house laundry room make everyday tasks easier.


If you look out of this apartment, you have Central Park right in front of your nose!

This apartment has been rated 5 out of 5 stars on our website. Past tenants praise the location (directly across from Central Park, the view from the apartment is priceless), the comfort and cleanliness of the apartment and the building. Henry N., a former tenant from the United States, says:

“It is cozy and comfortable … in summary: a wonderful experience. The view of Central Park is fantastic… playing the piano in the living room is an experience that I will never forget. ”

If you are all about the location near great Manhattan attractions, comfortable amenities, a charming atmosphere and a low to moderate budget, then this Upper West Side apartment is definitely worth considering.

Modern, minimalist 2-room apartment close to some classic Manhattan institutions


This attractive, minimalist Upper East Side apartment is a great place if you want to live close to great New York attractions. (Apartment No: NY-5193)

This contemporary 2 bedroom apartment on the Upper East Side is in a great location, close to schools like Hunter College and Rockefeller University and close to the New York Museum Mile. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum are located there. Thanks to the building’s security system, you will be able to sleep peacefully. The furniture is chic and contemporary, such as the dining table and a futon sofa. Both of these will make you feel like a real New Yorker for a few months.

The 2 bedroom furnished apartments in New York has coveted extras such as a washing machine and dryer and a wardrobe with plenty of space in the bedroom. You can do your shopping right outside the door. There are supermarkets such as Whole Foods, CVS Pharmacy and a Starbucks Coffee. Our former tenant and customer Richard D. (from South Africa) reports about the apartment:

“I couldn’t have asked for a better location for the apartment. It is close to all major subway lines, walking distance to Central Park and a few of New York’s best museums. The building is quiet and well maintained. The landlord is a friendly, always smiling, courteous and hospitable person. The apartment became my second home in the 8 months that I lived in New York. I recommend this apartment to anyone who wants to rent an apartment in New York. ”

If you want to explore the best of New York City, live near modern amenities, and have a moderate budget, consider this 5-star 5-star condo.

Rustic, old-fashioned luxury in Chelsea


This Chelsea apartment gives you a fresh perspective as the living room windows face a private garden rather than the busy New York streets. (Apartment No: NY-15343)

If you are looking for the extraordinary and still want it to be a complete success, this adorable 2-room apartment with a garden in Chelsea is just the thing for you! In downtown Manhattan you will find beautiful pre-war buildings with character, like this building, in which the apartment described is located. Here you will find original details such as exposed brick walls, glazed windows and paneled walls. Everything is accented by the beautiful selection of antique furniture, which will make you feel at home in the city!


A garden full of green plants and seating is in the heart of Chelsea and serves as a peaceful haven.

The further equipment of the apartment will make you forget that you are in a hectic and big city like New York. In this apartment, you can enjoy the rare luxury of a private garden with a terrace, a walk-in closet and a kitchen with limestone worktops and luxurious stainless steel appliances.

Moreover, it is Chelsea a thriving area of New York, offering famous art and shopping such as the Chelsea Market the Highline and the Whitney Museum of Art. The area is served by six subway lines, but you can feel worlds away from it due to the garden. A previous customer, Bob F. from the USA, gave the apartment 5 out of 5 possible stars and commented:

“I loved living in this apartment. It felt like going into an oasis of calm, especially after a hard day. Bob was more than just the landlord … You can sleep well in the apartment, because the bedroom is in the back of the apartment and you are protected from the lights and noise of the city. “

In an apartment like this one in Chelsea, you can explore some of the best things New York has to offer, and yet you can enjoy a degree of calm and seclusion. If you have a higher budget available, you should definitely consider this highly acclaimed apartment!

Live in a spacious studio apartment with a separate kitchen in Fort Greene


Enjoy the larger living room with romantic details in this top-rated studio apartment in Brooklyn. (Apartment number: NY-16024)

Brooklyn is full of hidden gems that give you more for your money, including this fresh and spacious studio apartment in Fort Greene ! The studio apartment is located on the ground floor of a pre-war town-house and as soon as you enter it you will be welcomed by a fresh, classically inspired style that makes the apartment sunny and functional. Light hardwood floors, lots of windows and wafer-thin curtains let enough light in and the marble fireplace gives the whole a cozy atmosphere.

In Manhattan you will most likely have the problem that you will not find a studio apartment that gives you enough space to live. You don’t have this problem with this apartment! The fully equipped, modern kitchen with sufficient space in the cupboards for dishes and food is completely separated from the living area. The kitchen also has a large steel fridge and a gas stove. A spacious, modern bathroom with a large bathtub completes the apartment.


The tree-lined streets outside this studio apartment create a tranquil setting and several parks are nearby.

Of course, the fantastic location is also a reason for the 5 out of 5-star rating. Those who love being out in the fresh air will immediately feel at home in Fort Greene. There are many tree-lined streets in the area and nearby are two of Brooklyn’s most popular parks, Fort Greene Park and Prospect Park. In addition, the area is perfectly connected to Manhattan by the subway, which will make it easy for you to explore the city.

Former residents of the apartment praised the good location and the owners Mary and John. Jacob R., a former tenant from the United States, also praised the area and writes:

“I had a great time there. Very cozy and clean apartment. Fort Greene / Clinton Hill is one of the best areas in Brooklyn. It is a super convenient location. Supermarkets, restaurants and cafes are only a few minutes away on foot. ”

Meanwhile, Yoko F. from Japan was especially satisfied with the owners:

“The best thing about the apartment was the owners. They were very helpful and caring and checked on me regularly to make sure everything was okay. Still, they gave me enough privacy and I would say I couldn’t have asked for more! ”

A top-rated Brooklyn studio apartment can be a wonderful option for a stay in New York, especially on a more modest budget. With a gem like this, you’ll enjoy generous space, a comparatively short drive to Manhattan, and the support of a nice, localhost (one of the advantages of booking through New York Habitat).

A warm welcome to this palatial 2 bedroom apartment in Boerum Hill


The high ceilings, large windows and the door that leads to the terrace create a relaxing place to sleep in this apartment in Boerum Hill. (Apartment No: NY-17602)

A top-rated 2 bedroom apartment in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn will make you feel like a local New Yorker! This apartment has beautiful furnishings that you will find in many classic Brooklyn apartments, including moldings, a fireplace and a gorgeous arch in the living room. The apartment also has a lot of character in other things, such as the unique works of art, antiques and upholstered furniture that adorn the rooms.

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You will love the lively living area of ​​this apartment. There is a 1.40 m wide bed and the bedroom leads directly to the private terrace. The room gets plenty of sunlight thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows and there is a fully equipped, modern kitchen with stainless steel appliances and a tiled bathroom with a bathtub.


The nice and welded community in Boerum Hill offers many beautiful streets like the one outside this apartment.

Your new neighborhood, Boerum Hill, will welcome you with open arms! This Brooklyn area has the perfect balance between urban benefits and a cozy atmosphere. There are plenty of local restaurants and shops to explore, and many streets are lined with trees. John P., our customer and former resident of the apartment from the USA, praised the charm of the apartment and the area in his review:

“The location is perfect for discovering everything Brooklyn and Manhattan have to offer, as the subway stations are all within a few blocks. The restaurants are very charming and the Halloween party that the neighbors threw was the best I have ever been to. You don’t just rent an apartment here, you become part of the community. ”

Would you like to be part of a community for a short time during your stay? This lovely 2 bedroom Brooklyn apartment could be the perfect choice for you.

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How to find your perfect furnished apartment in New York

Of course, every tenant has different needs, priorities and wishes for the perfect apartment. At New York Habitat we try to adapt the rental experience to every tenant. When you submit your request to us, you are in the hands of a licensed broker who will help you find the perfect apartment for your needs and budget. If you particularly liked one of these top-rated apartments, do not forget to mention this in your inquiry or consider the things that our tenants love in your search: convenient location, great facilities or peace and privacy. There is sure to be a perfect, furnished New York Habitat apartment for every tenant just start your search here.

So which one you liked among our list of the top 10 most highly rated furnished apartments in New York?

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