Chicago is a beautiful city and one of its famous spots is the Pinstripes. This venue is suited to entertain & serve different kinds of guests and events. Whether you want to enjoy a lovely evening or planning a wedding ceremony, Pinstripes Chicago is the right spot.

Though pinstripes have branches in other locations as well but the one in Chicago is worth viewing. There are few interesting and entertaining things about this place that you must know about and visit as well.

1- Outdoor Fire Pit:

If you are visiting the Pinstripes or attending a wedding there, a fascinating thing which you can view is their Outdoor Fire Pit. the sight and view are so pleasing and mesmerizing in the evening. You can simply gather around the fire pit and enjoy the evening with a cup of coffee and share the moment with your friends or family.

2- The Game Of Bocce:

A piece of good news for the sports lover is that Pinstripes provides its customers with different modes of entertainment. And one of them is the Game of Bocce. You can have fun and challenge your friends and family members in a game of Bocce. It is quite interesting and fun to play. This game is not what makes them happy, but adults can also chill by playing this game. The game timings are from open time till 4 pm and it’s only about $5. But you can also play after 4 pm at just $12.

3- The Grand Bowling Arena:

Don’t worry if you are not a Bocce fan or don’t know the rules. You can still have a lot of fun at pinstripes, Chicago. And it is because they have a  grand rendition of the classic American pastime. Bowling is an interesting game that everyone enjoys. And just in case you don’t want to bowl, you can sit at the plush sofa and enjoy the whole watching people playing the game.

4- Italian and American Cusine:

The thing that makes the Pinstripes, Chicago popular and famous is its cuisine. Here you could enjoy the most delicious American and Italian Cuisine. Pinstripes, Chicago is known for its taste and great wine collection. Indeed this venue is an amazing bistro and can serve delicious and mouth-watering food.

5- Community Events:

Another interesting thing about pinstripes Chicago is various different community events. Pinstripes organizes different community events throughout the year. Some of its community events include National ice-cream and coffee day, live music, yoga, and Sunday brunch, and many more. In addition to the community events, you can also enjoy elegant private events at this spot as well.