10 Most Expensive Hotels In The World – Updated 2020

Rich people love to stay in beautiful and expensive hotels. But living in some of the hotels can be as costly as 46,000 dollars a night. They are perched worldwide, especially in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and are known to offer their guests every quirk of luxury and sophistication available.

Here is our list of 10 most expensive hotels in the world

1. Four Seasons New York: 46,000 euros (United States)

Situated in the most expensive area of ​​New York known as Midtown, Four Seasons New York is very close to the iconic Tiffany’s jewelry immortalized in the movie Breakfast at diamonds. The Ty Warner Penthouse Suite and the Royal Suite are prepared to satisfy the high demands of its guests, who will have at their disposal a 360º panoramic view of the city.

Each piece of furniture is designed exclusively for the suite. It also has a dressing room, piano, four balconies with views and the bathrooms, with marble pieces, has large windows, two showers, an enormous Jacuzzi, and a dressing room. The hotel has a gym, spa, restaurants with renowned chefs, and a personal butler with 24-hour service.

2. Hotel President Wilson: 46,000 euros (Switzerland)

This luxury hotel, the meeting point of the wealthiest in Switzerland, has Bill Gates, one of its regular guests. Perched next to Lake Geneva, it has 12 luxurious bedrooms and 12 marble pools. The windows on the upper floor are bulletproof and on this floor is the “grand piano.” It consists of a large pool table and a private gym.

3. Raj Palace: 34,500 euros (India)

It is located in the city of Jaipur, the capital of the province of Rajasthan (about 300km southwest of Delhi). The Maharaja’s Pavillion Suite is the most exclusive: it has four floors occupying a total of 1,500 square meters with a private Jacuzzi, walls lined with mirrors, and adorned with gold-plated furniture. The 2007 World Travel Awards recognized it as ‘Best World Heritage Hotel’. It is nestled in the historic epicenter of the region, surrounded by historic buildings, forts, palaces, and castles.

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4. Laucala Resort: 30,000 euros (Oceania)

Located in the Fiji Islands, the complex is located on the highest part of a mountain and has 14 individual villas with amazing views of nature. Besides a spa, gym, jacuzzi, and outdoor bathtub, services include a private chef and babysitter. The hotel pools deserve a separate mention: in addition to being the central axis of its architecture and the factor that guarantees the privacy of the villas, they are considered the most impressive pools in the world.

5. Hotel Martínez: 25,000 euros (France)

Built-in 1929, Hotel Martinez is considered one of the historic buildings in Cannes. The Art Deco style building is a meeting point for actors and celebrities, especially during the Cannes Film Festival. The price per night of its suites is justified. In addition to the panoramic view of the bay that it offers behind its windows, by its qualities: it has two king-size beds, the furniture is upholstered in silk, and on the terrace, there is space for a Large jacuzzi size. The hotel has a gym, gardens, a spa area, a massage cabin, and a gourmet restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine.

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6. Hotel One & One Reethi Rah: 10,000 euros (Maldives)

It is located in the North Malé Atoll, literally on the Indian Ocean. It is one of the favorites of the newlyweds to spend their honeymoon. The resort is divided into several villas where clients will enjoy access to a private beach. In the most luxurious rooms and a private beach, there are large infinity pools and solarium spaces. On the open-air decks, there are Balinese beds, massage rooms, gourmet food, and a yacht trip in the surroundings is offered.

7. St. Regis Bora Bora Resort: 9,000 euros (French Polynesia)

This resort is the most luxurious in the area. It is distributed in private villas, totally isolated from infinity pools, jacuzzi, and private beach. The local decorative style inspires all suites, and the floral decoration is part of their charm. The resort has its own remote helicopter landing pad available to guests and a private dock at each villa.

8. Ladera Resort: 9,000 euros (Santa Lucia)

This resort, located on the island of Saint Lucia, was part of the Rabot Estate, one of the oldest and most famous cocoa plantations in Soufrière (Lesser Antilles). Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fantastic panoramic views of the Pitone, the Caribbean Sea, and the volcanoes in the area can be viewed from each of its 37 suites. All suites have a private pool, a wall open to the landscape, and access to all hotel services. It features a spa and the award-winning Dasheene Restaurant.

9. Burj Al Arab: 8,500 euros (Dubai)

Housed in a spectacular sail-shaped building by the prestigious architect Thomas Wills Wright, this hotel is perched on its human-made island, providing guests with nearly 300 meters of shoreline. Its 321 meters high, making it one of the tallest buildings in the world. It has more than two hundred oversized suites that will serve everything from oriental viands to a full set of Hermès products for men and women. It was built in 1999 and boasted before any of the seven stars.

One of the restaurants on its upper floors offers an exceptional panoramic view, but the fantastic food is served under the sea, after a ten-minute trip by submarine. Transportation is another differentiating element: it has its fleet of Rolls Royce Phantoms at the service of customers and, the most demanding, can travel by helicopter.

10. Mandarin Oriental: 1,560 euros (UK)

The exclusive London hotel offers luxury, elegance, and tradition. Designer Joyce Wang was commissioned to renovate the hotel and redesigned all the rooms, suites, and common areas. Her inspiration was the beauty of Hyde Park.

The suites are large private apartments with a fireplace, large windows, and king size beds. It is a meeting point for British celebrities.

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